Tuesday, July 2, 2013

rewind #5..... shopping

there were quite a number of "first time ever"s for us in our trip to sapporo
for instance,
first time ever for us 
to travel to japan together with little bb,
to travel around places in japan by a rented car,
to rely on gps for directions to go to our destinations,
to see little bb eat by himself 99% of the time throughout the entire trip,
to see little bb enjoying himself on the plane (eating his kid's meal by himself,
checking out the different movies on the kid's channel (and i am secretly pleased that he
didn't find them too interesting and ended up playing with me or napping on my knees)....

and the one thing that definitely sits on top of the list
is shopping.
this is the first time ever i went to japan with so little time spent on shopping.
i spent less than 4 hours on shopping in the entire trip (of 6 days)!
(considering all my previous trips to japan were all about shopping and eating....)

the first shopping in this trip was at the book store.
it was late that night and as soon as i got the permission to check out the store,
i dashed to the section on hobbies....
in no time,
i picked up these few books...
two on tatting lace
one on zakka + home
one on (natural style) clotting
one on making fabrics flowers

that night, i was very very contented!

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