Monday, July 29, 2013

reasons and reasons....

got our first kumon exercise book from sapporo
and we both loved it...
for little bb, he loves finding the way out of the mazes
for mami, the cartoons, fonts, colour and layout are so much cuter than the ones found locally.

and therefore, naturally,
we got more!

got one for colouring

one for practicing drawing lines, curves, etc

when i saw him connecting all animals on the page instead of drawing straight lines between the same animal,
i said, "straight lines only"
"you start from the same animal and end at the same animal"
and he went,
in an as-a-matter-of-fact manner.

one for drawing....
on the very first page, we are supposed to draw leaves to the tree

i drew some leaves to show him how to do it....
and he went ahead and drew big big circles round and round the entire tree...

i explained to him that the leaves grow on the branches of the trees....
and he went,
"唔係呀treeshort #@*$^@#*$@^#!*!"
i couldn't get some of his words,
but i figured he meant the tree is very short so the leaves can touch the ground...
when i repeated what he said in my words,
he nodded his head...

when i heard his reasons,
i didn't know what to say..... apart from "oh i see", "yes, that may be the case"

like with many other things he does,
he always has a reason.

i am starting to get worried that he is going to be a tough one to handle!

got it less than a month, and are already broken here and there....  hahaha


quitur said...

these lovely books are too beautiful to be drawn and "ruined" by little bb....hahaha

they are in japanese, can little bb read that?

(it must be mama who want to keep these books using the son's needs as an excuse : P)

i wonder, if those pages from books can be upcycled, say matched with garments, framed and put onto the wall. The cartoons and colours are lovely.

aileen ♥ motu said...

hahaha you are totally right.... little bb can't read japanese (he can barely read chinese and english characters!).... they are more for me! hahaha

upcycling the drawn pages! that's a brillant idea! just when i am wondering what to do with the drawn pages and books, you gave me the best idea!