Tuesday, July 9, 2013

little talks

i was told of the following when i came home from work the other day...
as usual, somotu came home after work to take little bb out for a walk
somotu said bye to our helper at the door
and our helper said, "goodbye sir" as usual...

suddenly, little bb said to our helper,
"no, it's daddy...
it's goodbye daddy !"

somotu and our helper
didn't know how to react but looked at each other and giggled...

a few days later,
when we say goodbye to little bb as we leave home for work,
he will say
"bye bye Cia--ar"
to us
jump up and down and laugh out loud.

somotu was puzzled when he first heard this CIA-AR thing...
silly daddy, your son is trying to say SIR!



from refusing to do *homework assignment* from school
to nowadays begging for homework after school

when he sees no homework in his school bag,
he keeps asking,
"點解無homework gae?"
and i go,
"咁你聽日記住問ms lam ms kitty homework !"


this morning,
little bb was unusually attached to me...
begging me not to go to work....
and i went,

i then tried to soothe him by saying that he would also be going to school in the afternoon.
as soon as i said this, he went crying!
saying he didn't want to go to school.

so i tried to soothe him by saying that after this week, summer holiday will begin and there will be no more school...
even worse, he cried even louder
and said he want to go to school now.

i then said yes yes there will be school during summer
just not with ms lam and ms susan
but with ms kitty...
cried even louder...

in the end, i gave up....
i left the room to get changed for work
he stopped crying!

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