Monday, July 1, 2013

keep it up!

i think we are seeing light at the end of the tunnel...
for the past four weeks, 
there hasn't been any accidents (*touch wood*) during the day...
keep it up little bb.

when we first sent you off to school without any diapers (four weeks ago),
your class teacher said she was surprised that we made you do so...
she told us that for almost a month,
they have been trying to ask you use the potty at school,
but all in vain.
after we told her that you were perfectly fine with both weewee and poopoo at home,
she said we should just give it a shot.
after four accidents,
you were finally *a big boy*!
keep it up!

we look for the *robot toilets* whenever you need to weewee when we are out....
the first time you experienced the toilet with automatic flushing function,
you were totally amazed and didn't want to leave the toilet!
you kept asking us why it flushed without having to press or push any button / handle....
(not being able to think of a better reason) we told you there was a robot hiding behind the toilet.... who controls the flushing...
since then, you always ask for *robot toilet*.


tonight, you were finally able, and more importantly, willing to use the chopstick!
we have gotten you the pair of chopsticks for a long while...
but we haven't insisted and you didn't show much interest....
(and secretly, i think it's just as fine to eat with spoon and fork....
at least that's what i prefer.... lazy me)

tonight, i remembered to bring your chopsticks with us to dinner...
not really having any expectation,
you were totally willing and capable of finishing the whole bowl of noodles
by yourself! 
(actually, you didn't touch the one we ordered for you, instead you ate mine!  leaving mami with no food to eat!)
keep it up!
don't be (as bad) as mami!


scooter fun again yesterday....
and you are getting better at it!


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