Tuesday, July 9, 2013

good times

i am still reminiscencing the time in may when i was on two weeks leave from work....

i love sharing bed with little bb while staying at the hotel in sapporo (a legitimate reason to sleep in the same bed with little bb!  as opposed to at home, we try to make him sleep by himself in his own bed) 

i love bath time in the hotel room's bathroom with little bb (more about this later...  i couldn't locate the photo i took about the bathroom)

i love waking up in the morning without having to rush to work so that i could stay in bed together with little bb for however long we wanted

i love spending the mornings quietly with little bb...  reading books, playing play dough, pretending to cook, tracing, drawing...

i love seeing him getting on his school bus and waiting for him to come home

i love picking him up after school

and especially,

i love preparing meals for him..

and especially-especially when he said,

"mami, mum mum 未呀?"

"mami, 煮嘢比我食啦!"


and when i asked, "你好鐘意食mami d mum mum?"
he went, "係呀!"

heart felt sweetness and contentment to the power of infinity!

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