Saturday, June 29, 2013

his encounter with a 10 month old

we had lunch today with somotu's friends
one of them has a 10 month old baby boy...

little bb was seated next to the baby

seeing the baby's mom not having a chance to eat
(as she was busy feeding pumpkin soup to the hungry baby),
i helped by taking over to feed the baby....

i squatted down, between the two boys, feeding the soup to the baby....

next thing i know,
little bb put his arm around my neck,
held me tight, put his face really close to mine,
and looked at me in a very loving and gentle way.....
while i continued to feed the baby...

the baby spotted the colourful bracelets on my hand
and started playing with them...

immediately, little bb went,
"mami ga!

after lunch,
as soon as i picked up the baby to give him a hug,
a little person rushed over,
pulled my top,
attempted to climb up my leg,
jumped up and down
whining and crying....
"mami 抱我啦!"


i smell jealousy!
(and i am secretly feeling sweet and loved!)


quitur said...

hohoho …

u should contemplate a second child to give little boy a real threat of jealousy ..: P

his baby talk is ready cute .. : D

aileen ♥ motu said...

will need to seriously think about this!