Friday, June 28, 2013

rewind #3..... heidi farm (ハイジ牧場)

on day 4, we went to Heidi Farm.
we had so much fun there!

we fed the goats, calves, sheep...
watched the cows eat,
ran around with the pigs,
quack quack quack with the ducks,
made faces at the grumpy old goats, impatient ostrich,
said hello to the horses (i wanted to do horse riding with little bb but somotu wouldn't approve... *frown* as he thinks little bb is too small for it, which i don't really agree... oh well, next time)
and there was even one alpaca (though somotu didn't find it cute... as it isn't as furry as the ones we usually see in photos..... )
(little bb refused to see the 

and i find these fellows really cute and funny...
whenever we walked pass them,
they would gather and stand up as if they wanted to jump on us...
they must be really bored that morning (or rather, they were after the food in our hands!)

pressed grass and straw for feeding the animals on the farm...
some of them were really big 
and the farm owner explained to us that it was done on purpose for education purposes....
which is,
to teach children to observe how animals eat,
and to problem solve, i.e. if the piece of food is too big for the animal,
the children are to try what size is right and how to make the right size by using the hammer....
how thoughtful!

it's a pity that we got there too early that morning and weren't able to milk the cows or
feed milk to baby sheep....

p.s. it is possibly the cleanest and neatest farm (and with the least smell)!

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