Tuesday, June 11, 2013

rewind #1.... takino park ~ the giant red balls

takino park....
a truly amazing and fun park!
highly recommended!
we had so much fun that we didn't want to leave if not because the park was closing for the day....
there are different areas in the park catered for different interests / visitors.
with little bb with us, 
it's definitely the kodomo valley (children's valley) that we had to check out!

just this area was already big enough for us to spend the entire afternoon...
there are giant bouncy fluffy *eggs*,
big and long concrete slides,
and this hillside with bouncy red balls.... 

the gigantic bouncy red balls and the hill kept all of us running up and down....

little bb had so much fun with rolling / pushing the gigantic red ball up the hill
and letting it roll down.... chasing after it
we tried to help with pushing the ball up but he would wave our hands off and 
told us he wanted to do it himself.....
he was so jolly and giggly
and so were we!

 photo takinoparkballs.gif

 photo takinoparkredballs2.gif

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