Thursday, May 9, 2013

"salute to my mom"

it's been extremely, tremendously, crazily busy and hectic at work since i got back from the business trip...

and i am very very grateful that i managed to attend the "salute to my mum" activity at little bb's school today.

i have been worrying that i wouldn't be able to sneak out to attend my first time ever school event in response to mother's day...

after a whole morning of meetings, piles of work,
i arrived at school just in time.

as we, the mommies, were asked to go to the play area,
i saw little bb standing with his friends, forming a circle...
we were to stand next to our little one to do singing and dancing together...
i wasn't in front of the line,
and as i walked towards little bb,
i saw him frowning when he saw his friends cuddling with their mommies,
just the moment before he saw me,
his starting putting his head down...  almost touching his chest...
he must thought i wouldn't show up...
i then called his name....
he lifted his head 
and as soon as he saw me,
he rushed over and hugged me really tight...
and wouldn't let go of me for almost the entire activity.

the rest of the appreciation activity was singing and dancing,
presenting of gifts made by the little ones to their mommies...
each mommy received a flower made of paper and hand painted by the little one,
a mother's day card,
and a vanity bag with little finger paints all over on one side.

it was merely a half an hour event, but has surely brightened up my day!

i love you little bb!

a great thank you to all the teachers for organizing this activity!

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