Friday, May 17, 2013

mother's day

we had an early mother's day dinner
that friday night,
somotu and little bb drove to pick me up at work...
things weren't so smooth at work that day and i was far from being done in the office
luckily they were equally stuck (in traffic).
by the time they finally got to the office building (over an hour of traffic jam!),
i was done with work...

as i walked over to the car in the dark,
i saw something shuffling back and forth between them....

the window got lowered down,
and little bb handed me
my first bunch of mother's day flowers
and said
"hapi ma ma day!"
(later, i was told that little bb refused to hold the flowers as he said 
they were "too heavy"!  and hence the shuffling back and forth)

... but nothing can compare to this one made by little bb.....

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