Wednesday, May 15, 2013

just the four of us

while somotu was out of town,
i had a lot of good and fun times having little bb, brownie and sugar all to myself!
(apart from the last two days when little bb came down with a fever)

we went shopping,
played new games (invented by mami) at home,
we had lunch with the grandparents,
we had afternoon tea with little bb's godmothers,
we had a great time at little bb's godmother joanna's home,
we had our semi public transportation day (mtr, bus, taxi).

of all the new games invented by mami,
little bb likes the ones with play dough the most.

leap frog's (little bb called it leapPPY frog) letter factory is one of little bb's favourite videos.
to make use of the phonics song for each of the 26 alphabets,
the game here is for mami to make a letter with the play dough
for little bb to take a guess
and sing the leapy frog phonics song for the letter together with mami...

"the C says ca, the C says ca, every letter makes a sound the C says ka"
"the D says da, the D says da, every letter makes a sound the D says da"
"the E says ee, the E says ee, every letter makes a sound the E says ee"
(please excuse the spelling, or rather, the sound of the letter i am trying to describe above....)

what is your favorite colour?
oh wow!
that's the same as daddy!

"please make ba ba car!"
okok, let's make daddy's car together....
which is also all black.

when i thought we had finished making ba ba car,
observant little bb rightfully pointed out that we had
missed the spare tire at the back of the car...
and so we made it...

and since we had more black play dough,
we made one more ba ba car!

this game is about making tiny balls and a goal out of play dough
and to roll the balls
who gets the most balls into the goal wins!

when little bb got two balls into the goal,
he went,
"i did it!"

when little bb was smaller,
i used to trace his hands and feet in the book i made for him.
now that he is mobile enough,
he likes to do the tracing himself....
(yup, that's brownie standing in line, waiting for his turn at the back)

three naughty babies!
no, actually just one...
guess which one i had to send sitting still after some mischievous acts?
the one in the middle?
the one on the right?
it's the one on the left!
he was the one who tried to take the filling in our sofa out!
when i sent him sitting still,
the other two, being good siblings, went sitting together with him!

taking the mtr to the art class.....

and shopping for our favourite treats!

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