Monday, May 13, 2013

hapi ma ma day

i have taken loads of pictures these few weeks
but i was too busy to edit them
and now,
i am not in a mood to fix them and post them ....
cuz little bb is down with a fever and somotu is not in town.

i still want to jot down something about yesterday...
mother's day
it was a very different mother's day for me
cuz somotu was not in town...

first thing in the morning,
when little bb woke up,
he went to find me in my zakka room....
without any hinting or reminding,
he took the mother's day card he made at school
handed it to me with both hands,
said to me,
"hapi ma ma day!!!!!"
in the most cheerful voice
with the most cheerful look on his face....
he then hugged me....
and we held on to each other really tight for a long awhile.

i was truly caught by surprise
as it was the last thing i would expect him to do...
i wasn't expecting him to know that yesterday was mother's day...
well, he knows about mother's day 
but i wouldn't expect him to say "hapi ma ma day" to me
without any hinting or prompting....

it was beyond happiness....
i couldn't put in writing my feelings.

i love you


please get well soon.

photos to come later....

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