Tuesday, April 9, 2013

slow monday

monday..... returning to work after a long weekend...
in fact, together with the easter break,
i felt like i have been off from work for almost two weeks!

i have trouble adjusting myself
and so did little bb.

this morning, when i woke up to the alarm clock,
he went
"mami 點解起身 gae?"
mami needs to go back to work today...
"fish tank!"
fish tank?
he nodded his head.
oh, you mean you want mami to take out the tank so you can play fishing with mami?
(the tank is not a tank.... it's just a clear plastic container which we pretend to be a fish tank to play toy fish and boats with)
he nodded his head.
so, you want mami to stay home and play with you?
he nodded again.
and the whining continues....

after awhile, somotu needed to leave home ahead of me as i was taking too long to get ready...
after seeing dadi took off for work,
he ran to me and said,
"dadi 返工工先, mami 可以 stay home la!!!!!'

and the whole whining started again....

needless to say i was late for work today....

but i loved the whining and i missed playing and being with little bb round the clock.

things went so slowly at work today...
it took me almost a good whole day to tune myself back to work.

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