Sunday, April 14, 2013

shower time stories

about a week ago,
little bb started getting scared of the bathtub drain...

as soon as i placed him in the bathtub with water running,
he would cry hysterically.... and mumble and yell...

at first, i couldn't really figure out what the crying was about....
was it because he wanted to continue playing with his toys?
was the water too hot?
was it because he forgot to bring his bath time toys with him?
none of the above...

until when i heard he mumbled, "shark"
and figured out the rest of the mumbling and yelling..
"shark, 唔好呀!"
"mami, 咬你!"
"mami, 小心呀!"

and then he would refuse to get close to the drain....


so it happened that dadi has been showing him pictures of creatures in the sea...
fish, starfish, lobster, shrimp..... and shark....

and special thanks to dadi, little bb was told that shark bites....

how little bb connected the bathtub drain and shark is still a mystery to us...
but at least, we now know he was afraid that the shark would come out from the drain and bite.....

and it is very sweet of him to tell me to be careful....


after the shark saga,
something else about the drain made little bb scared and worried...
last night,
as usual, i placed him in the bath tub to get ready for shower....
no crying.... good.
i stepped in the bath tub to shower him,
no crying.... good.

but when i kneeled down to wash his little feet and legs,
he started crying hysterically again.

at first, i thought water got into his eyes... no.
i thought he didn't want to stand at the end of the bath tub.... no.

then he yelled,
"mami, 唔好呀!"
pointing at the drain,

no, little bb, you will not fall into the drain because mami is standing closer to the drain then you...
mami is in your way... you are safe.

"no, mami 跌落去唔好呀!"

ohhhh....  you are afraid that mami will fall into the drain?

little bb nodded his head with tears rolling down his face...

okok... you want mami to stand up?

he nodded his head.

alright, mami will stand up now... don't worry...

"mami, 小心呀"

very sweet of you little bb....


while i was drying him with the towel,
i kissed his little yummy and cheeks..
i love you, i said to him....

he then looked at me and said,
"i luv you"
"i luv dadi"
"i luv brownie"
"i luv sugar"

"dadi luv mami!"
~~ this is a new one!  
yes, little bb....

dadi luv mami
mami luv dadi


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