Wednesday, April 17, 2013

rare moments

..... of little bb slowing down
and sitting still to play with puzzles....

i love watching little bb focusing and concentrating .....

on the way home tonight,
i thought of jotting down things about little bb...
*things* of the moment,
i.e. *things* that he is loving, talking about, eating at the moment...

i think it will be interesting to see how these *things* evolve over time....
i wonder what will he think of these *things* when he reads about them when he gets older....

i will probably jot down the below once a month....
~ favorite song
~ favorite character
~ favorite youtube video
~ favorite food
~ favorite fruit
~ favorite facial expression
~ favorite activity
~ favorite color
~ favorite drink
~ most spoken words
~ naughtiest act
~ bad habit
~ sweetest act / words spoken

the answers to the above, as of today, are:
~ a song which he said is taught by ms lam (his class teacher) but no one in the house has heard before nor can understand what it is about.  
actually yesterday, he sang another song which he said is taught by ms. susan (his other class teacher)... it's a different tune but same as the one mentioned above, no one has heard before nor can understand.....
~ chuggington
~ this (and this too, he can't decide which one is his favourite)
~ noodles!
~ apples
~ >.<
~ making us blow balloons and then play with them
~ no answer from him, actually (not today), he once answered, "pink!"
~ water
~ "no no no!"
~ refuses to tidy up after his own mess
~ thumb sucking (not any thumb, it has to be his left thumb)
~ says "i love you" and follows by a gentle kiss

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