Friday, April 12, 2013

bedtime *stories*

during bed time tonight.....


without being prompted, little bb said 
"i luv uuuu",
in his sweetest voice
he then looked at me for a few seconds
gave me a kiss on the mouth.
then he said,
"mami kiss!"


as usual, i started reading stories to him...
after awhile he said 
"mami read this one"
"i read this one"

so i was assigned to read this one,
while he picked this one to read.

for a change, i asked him to read the book to me...
tell mami what happened here?
who's at the beach?
etc etc
"one day, *@#)($@#&$(&#$"
"bunny #($&#@*$&@(#$"
"lobster $%(&$#)(%*&$(%"



he had a hard time falling asleep...
he talked some non-sense
he kept standing up and sitting down
he took off his pants (and accidentally wet the bedsheets and blanket!!!)
he opened the bedside drawers...

next thing i knew, he took out my rosary...
after examining it a bit (his first time seeing rosary),
he put it around his neck and placed the cross on his tummy
he was pretending to be dr chow... 
(who used a stethoscope to check his tummy this past saturday 
when little bb claimed his tummy was painful...)
he then went on to check my yummy

it was when he started putting the cross in his nose
(pretending to be dr chow checking the nose)
that i have to grab the rosary from him...


it took him almost two hours to fall asleep tonight!
everytime i closed my eyes to pretend to be fast asleep,
he would go
"wake up la mami!"


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