Thursday, March 14, 2013

mami is feeling sour!

found these photos while i was randomly looking through folders in our share drive last night
they were taken back in jan 2012.

that day, i was "forcing" him to put on the hoodie
which he hated....
and rolled back and forth on the bed
.....  until he realized mami has a heart of stone...
and wouldn't let him put it down...
...  wicked mami....  hehehehe


it's my turn to get all sour....

little bb has been more attached to somotu than to me these days...
tonight after dinner,
i asked whether he wanted to play car car with me...
and i was rejected.
little bb said he wanted to play with dadi! *frown*

then little bb said,
"我鐘意 daddy!"
(i am fond of daddy!)

when asked whether he is fond of mami too,
he went,

after i have put him in bed,
he got off and ran to daddy,
threw himself onto daddy's tummy,
gave daddy a big hug
and said,
"我鐘意 daddy!"


when it was just the two of us in the bedroom,
i asked him again,
and he replied,
"我鐘意 mami!"

ok my boy, you can sleep now!

good night!

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