Tuesday, March 12, 2013

little driver... and not to be underestimated

he is crazy about cars
toys and real ones...

after he has his first ever car show "tour"
we know that such car shows are stay-away-zone!
for he won't leave until he gets to "drive" every single car in the show.

but accidents, over-sights do happen...
just like last saturday,
we were in such a hurry that we forgot to detour.....

we ended up being dragged by little bb to the car show
where he just had to hop into each car that he managed to open the door.....

thankfully, we didn't get too many dirty looks from the staff on duty....

and in fact,
i kind of like the one with white steering wheel and white wheels!


don't underestimate a 2 year old...

he is already capable of making up excuses
so as to get things his way...

"mami, 我好眼瞓"
(mami, i am very sleepy)

"mami, mami, 好攰"
(mami, tired)

....  are his responses when we ask him to tidy up the toys, say goodnight before going to bed

"我要 wee wee"
(i need to wee wee)

.... is his excuse when he is already in bed for sleep but wants to go out to get his cars.
he knows too well that as soon as i hear "wee wee", i will happily let him get out from bed and go to his potty.


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