Monday, March 25, 2013

little conversations

he likes me to read the three little pigs to him before he goes to bed every night.

i found the above cartoon and thought he would like it too.

at 3:33....
he got scared and said 
"唔要big bad wolf mami!"
almost in tears...

okok let's try to watch this one again later....

luckily, the cartoon didn't scare him off from reading the book with me.

he still asked me to read the book to him before bed tonight.


somotu fell sick.
he told me the following....

when he got home from work,
little bb asked somotu to take him to the park as usual.

not feeling well,
somotu told little bb that they would not be going out today.

little bb whined a little...
and soon,
he went,
"dadi, 我喂你食藥!"

when he saw the little pills round in shape,
he went,
"wah!  一粒粒好得意呀!"
and started giggled away.....

*frown* i missed this little conversation...

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