Thursday, March 21, 2013


playing with mami's vintage clock

playing with his ukelele from my brother and his wife

we have been playing the *kissing game* lately after the book called, the kissing hand...
needless to say, i love kissing little bb
i love kissing his forehead
his cheeks
his chin
his little hands
his little tummy
his little toes
his little feet

and he loves to be kissed too *smile*

these few days
instead of waiting to be kissed (and sometimes being munched *hehehehe*)
he has started doing something different....

after being kissed,
he will say,
"mami, no kissing!"

the first time i heard him saying this,
i thought he didn't want to be kissed anymore!

but very quickly,
i went from a frowning face to a happy face,
a super happy one!

"i kiss mami!"

oh!!!  he wanted to return my kiss!

after that night,
we started exchanging kisses before bed time.


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