Wednesday, March 27, 2013

sealed with kisses

we were reading the kissing hand tonight

"mami, heart heart stick?"

oh you mean the heart shaped stickers?


sure sure!

so we flipped to the last page of the book 
on which there are these heart shaped stickers.

"mami, plzzz"

he took two altogether...

i put one to each of his little palm
and sealed them with a kiss
~ our kissing hand...

after awhile,
he put the stickers onto my glasses....
"mami, no eyes!"
hahahaha, you can't see mami's eyes?
and we giggled....

he then took them off from me,
played with them. 

he put one arm of the glasses into his mouth
and said,
"drink drink"
oh yes!  it is like a drinking straw, isn't it?

he put the two arms together
and said,
that's right!  you can make a triangle with the arms!
more giggles....

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