Tuesday, March 26, 2013

his first picnic

little bb has his first ever picnic this past sunday
at the inspiration lake.
thanks to joanna for the great idea and all the food preparation!

weather wasn't stable
and it did shower a bit which we had to pack up all the food and stuff in a hurry
and shepherd the kids to a shelter....
a bit chaotic but it was a great experience with great fun!

litte bb was excited about the rain and the umbrellas
though he kept wanting to hold the umbrella,
he refused to hold it all by himself
when i told him i couldn't carry him and the umbrella at the same time...
he said to me
"mami, too heavy!!!"
"mami carry umbrella"

thanks to the kids for delaying our take off (by drawing with rain drops on the car),
the sun did come out again...
we stayed for longer 
and the kids had great fun at the playground....

one can never tell what can amuse and occupy the little ones...
when the big people are trying hard to come up with all sorts of games for them,
the little people find the simplest things the most fun!

the three of them giggled hard with drawing in circles with the raindrops on the car.

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