Sunday, March 3, 2013

a night time story

last night
while i was showering,
somotu was trying to put little bb to sleep

when i came out from the shower,
i saw the both of them on bed, still awake...

seeing me,
little bb said,
"我好鐘意媽咪!" in a loud and clear voice.
(i am really fond of mami)

totally melted...
totally melted, seriously....
i wasn't expecting him to say this.

in fact, this is the first time ever little bb said this phrase to me
and he said in such a clear and firm manner.

someone was feeling sour and asked,
(who do you like better?  mami or sugar?)


secretly, i breathed a sigh of relief....

then came the real question,
(who do you like better?  daddy or mami?)

silence in the room

someone repeated the question,
(who do you like better?  daddy or mami?)

after a few seconds,
little bb broke the silence with 

and that someone grinned with victory...

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