Friday, March 15, 2013

1st report card

today is the 2nd parent's day.

no school for little bb..
just for the parents.

it wasn't the best day to have a parent's day
as i was drown at work
but i am grateful that i have a supportive boss
and was able to leave the office on time.

lately, little bb has been throwing tantrums...
we are getting a bit frustrated with him...
and also worried that he might behave the same at school...

luckily, the class teachers said he is fine at school...
he is a happy kid and enjoys going to school alot.
he likes to talk to the teachers,
he is excited every day about being guided by the upper class students to the school bus when school ends,
he says, "哥哥姐姐嚟啦" in the most excited manner,
he especially like singing and dancing.
he loves the circle time which talks about cars,
he says, "daddy's car!!!  go disney!!".

the teachers have given us a few tips to due with the tantrums at home
which we will work on.

we also got a portfolio and development report.

the portfolio contains bits and pieces of his school life,
the activities, his art work (which i am sure they were done with lots of help!),
pictures of him in action.....
very cute...

and then comes the development report....
it's the first time i received such kind of report...
there are many items to the main areas which little bb is being assessed.
mainly, language, mathematics, personal and social education, physical education, social studies, science and arts!
quite a lot of aspects for a 2 yr old!
and i must say, the number of items he is being assessed is more than what i am being assessed and rated at work!  hahahaha

of course, we didn't have much expectation.
but nonetheless, still happy that his overall assessment is fine....
though there is one item which i didn't know how to react to,
which is:
"knows that he/she is a boy/girl"

so he doesn't know he is a boy!
alright, probably we haven't talked to him about this often enough...

little bb,
starting from today,
we are going to tell you that you are a boy, 10 times a day!

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