Saturday, March 30, 2013

15 minutes eternal

i have meant to go to the andy warhol exhibition
but never got the chance to
until today when my mom reminded me that it's going to end this sunday....

little bb has already been there once with grandpa and grandma...
and we were told he enjoyed himself
and even corrected grandpa when grandpa mistaken a picture of a lion as tiger...

we started off our visit today by following my mom around the exhibition halls...
she was giving tour to visitors as a docent again today...

little bb found it very interesting that so many people were following and listening to grandma....

glad that we all made it to the exhibition before it ends...
we all had a great time viewing his work...
especially little bb, who had a good time with the flying clouds
and the photo booth!

... taken at the hall of fame photo booth...
where we got andy warhol style portraits...

... we got our *15 minutes fame* when
our portraits were being shown on the wall...
(actually, it felt less than 15 minutes)

... and our pose?
little bb's signature pose::  putting the thumb in the mouth...


friday, the first day of the long weekend,
we went for a walk around the peak.

it was really nice and refreshing,
especially for someone like me who barely gets to do exercise...

the walk was especially nice
as the weather was cool after a long night of rain and thunder....

the kids have lots of fun too!
little bb managed to *cycle* on his balancing bike for almost 2/3 of the 1.5hrs journey!
well done children!

love these photos:
the kids were standing from the youngest to the oldest
from the shortest to the tallest
not under parental / adult supervision...
they did it themselves... without even noticing it!

somotu said, "1, 2, 3 jump!"

and they jumped at their own pace....

Friday, March 29, 2013

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


sealed with kisses

we were reading the kissing hand tonight

"mami, heart heart stick?"

oh you mean the heart shaped stickers?


sure sure!

so we flipped to the last page of the book 
on which there are these heart shaped stickers.

"mami, plzzz"

he took two altogether...

i put one to each of his little palm
and sealed them with a kiss
~ our kissing hand...

after awhile,
he put the stickers onto my glasses....
"mami, no eyes!"
hahahaha, you can't see mami's eyes?
and we giggled....

he then took them off from me,
played with them. 

he put one arm of the glasses into his mouth
and said,
"drink drink"
oh yes!  it is like a drinking straw, isn't it?

he put the two arms together
and said,
that's right!  you can make a triangle with the arms!
more giggles....

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


his first picnic

little bb has his first ever picnic this past sunday
at the inspiration lake.
thanks to joanna for the great idea and all the food preparation!

weather wasn't stable
and it did shower a bit which we had to pack up all the food and stuff in a hurry
and shepherd the kids to a shelter....
a bit chaotic but it was a great experience with great fun!

litte bb was excited about the rain and the umbrellas
though he kept wanting to hold the umbrella,
he refused to hold it all by himself
when i told him i couldn't carry him and the umbrella at the same time...
he said to me
"mami, too heavy!!!"
"mami carry umbrella"

thanks to the kids for delaying our take off (by drawing with rain drops on the car),
the sun did come out again...
we stayed for longer 
and the kids had great fun at the playground....

one can never tell what can amuse and occupy the little ones...
when the big people are trying hard to come up with all sorts of games for them,
the little people find the simplest things the most fun!

the three of them giggled hard with drawing in circles with the raindrops on the car.

Monday, March 25, 2013

little conversations

he likes me to read the three little pigs to him before he goes to bed every night.

i found the above cartoon and thought he would like it too.

at 3:33....
he got scared and said 
"唔要big bad wolf mami!"
almost in tears...

okok let's try to watch this one again later....

luckily, the cartoon didn't scare him off from reading the book with me.

he still asked me to read the book to him before bed tonight.


somotu fell sick.
he told me the following....

when he got home from work,
little bb asked somotu to take him to the park as usual.

not feeling well,
somotu told little bb that they would not be going out today.

little bb whined a little...
and soon,
he went,
"dadi, 我喂你食藥!"

when he saw the little pills round in shape,
he went,
"wah!  一粒粒好得意呀!"
and started giggled away.....

*frown* i missed this little conversation...

Sunday, March 24, 2013

play time

two of my favourite photos taken today......
with my godchildren
@ inspiration lake

Saturday, March 23, 2013

♥ lace ♥

....  the last piece is from my *project no.1*
ages ago....

♥ ♥ ♥

dadi was still in bed this morning

he threw the car keys onto our bed
and said,

"baba car"
(daddy's car.... he means getting daddy's car to go out)

(i want to buy flowers for mami)

"mami 開心!"
(mami happy)

i am in heaven!!!!!

i love you little bb.

♥ ♥ ♥

this afternoon 
got home after his art class
tried to make him take his nap
before we head out again...

no matter how hard we tried,
he wouldn't sleep...
and instead
daddy fell asleep

i needed to go out to get little bb's food
but he wouldn't let me go

"mami don't go out"
"mami 唔好走啦!"
(i am very fond of mami)
"buy fish"

how could i not let him come along.....

even though a 30 mins trip 
became an one hour plus trip

it's still worth it!

Thursday, March 21, 2013


playing with mami's vintage clock

playing with his ukelele from my brother and his wife

we have been playing the *kissing game* lately after the book called, the kissing hand...
needless to say, i love kissing little bb
i love kissing his forehead
his cheeks
his chin
his little hands
his little tummy
his little toes
his little feet

and he loves to be kissed too *smile*

these few days
instead of waiting to be kissed (and sometimes being munched *hehehehe*)
he has started doing something different....

after being kissed,
he will say,
"mami, no kissing!"

the first time i heard him saying this,
i thought he didn't want to be kissed anymore!

but very quickly,
i went from a frowning face to a happy face,
a super happy one!

"i kiss mami!"

oh!!!  he wanted to return my kiss!

after that night,
we started exchanging kisses before bed time.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013