Saturday, February 2, 2013

vertical planking

we have all seen planking - the standard planking
but have you seen variations of it, say: vertical style?

i was lucky enough to see a live performance of it.

i saw the live performance
and was totally amazed.

who gave the live performance?
little bb.

what was the performance?
a show at school.

what was he performing?
he was performing perfect vertical planking.
to be precise,
he was the only one doing vertical planking, i.e. not moving at all, standing still and straight with his arms perfectly straight on his sides.

while the other classmates were clapping their little hands,
singing along (sort of),
turning around,
stemming their little feet,
twisting their little bodies,
all little bb did was
vertical planking.....  

he stood still like a piece of wood 99% of the time.
looking puzzled, lost and blank.
(the other 1% of the time, he was trying to follow and walked two steps and made some tiny movements.....)

there were a few other classmates who were sort of standing still,
not moving most of the time
but they did not stand out like a piece of wood as much as little bb.
probably because little bb was placed at the middle of the stage.
and the contrast between him and those two standing next to him...

i couldn't help but giggled and giggled.
i tried to wave at him and dance to the song
but i was like transparent to him......

so there he was, standing like a piece of wood
not moving till the end of the show.

when the show ended,
i talked to one of his class teachers...
"he was perfectly fine during the rehearsal!  we are not sure why he acted like this today?!"

and another teacher said to me,
"he did a good job already!  at least he wasn't crying... considering he is the youngest of all"

and yet another teacher said to me,
"probably he is not used to having so many pairs of eyes staring at him,
and so many cameras shooting at them"

yes, at least he didn't cry!
and this is his first show ever...
he wasn't able to join the christmas show last year as he was sick...

ok, little bb, let's try to move at least your arms in the next show!
mami would love to see you actually move on the stage!
otherwise, mami may very well fall asleep!

after the performance,
it was class room activity time.
the parents got to see the little ones in action during class....
it was at this time when little bb became normal again,
i.e. he was moving and talking....

after dinner that night, i showed him the videos i took...
pointing at himself, he said,
(why not moving?)

係咯, 媽咪都好想知點解郁!!?????
(spot on!  mami also wants to know why you are not moving!)

as expected,
there was no response........

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