Thursday, February 14, 2013

valentine's surprise and gift

the surprise 

today is the first day of work for both somotu and me after the chinese new year holidays.
seeing us getting out of bed early (we have been sleeping till 10~ish for the past few days),
little bb goes,

(what is dadi doing?)

dadi needs to go back to work today.....


"媽咪stay home!"
(mami stay home)
and as he speaks, he clings to me like a koala bear....

mami also needs to go to work baby...

(mami, don't go to work.....)

then all of a sudden, little bb says,
(i go to work!)

when we were about to laugh out loud,
he continues to surprise us with:
"返工,  朋友食飯!"
(go to work, eat with friends!)

where are your friends?


outside?!  ok, ok, take mami to your friends...  mami wants to see where are your friends....

and so he held my hand and walked me to our main door and said, 


......  and so, "eat with friends" is a new phrase.
he must have picked this up whenever somotu goes out to have dinner with his friends and i reply to his  question "where's dadi?"  with "dadi went out to eat with his friends."

 the gift 

a rose from the two men of my life......

picked by the bigger one,
presented by the smaller one....  
who came running all giggly to me with the rose in his little hands....

and it's not just any white rose....
it's a broken one....  broken by the smaller man...
sort of "fixed" by the bigger man by poking a needle in between...

and it's broken into the perfect size for my new little glass container....
thank you dearest...

tried to make the little man take a picture with him holding the first flower for mami....
but he just wouldn't stand still....

happy valentine's day 

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