Thursday, January 31, 2013

self report

the other night after dinner,
out of the blue,
little bb said to us:

miss lam 好嬲
(miss lam, his teacher at school, was very angry)

somotu and i stopped whatever we were doing 
got really nervous, 
as this is the first time ever since he has gone to school has he said anything about teachers getting angry,
and asked him what happened at school.

(he named one of his classmates and said she was naughty)

i know who that classmate is and i know she is a well behaved girl
so i said to little bb, "it can't be because mami has met her and know she is a good girl"

we kept asking him what happened and whether miss lam was angry at him instead...
but we got no response...
he got busy with his cars...

the next morning,
somotu asked him again

and he said

(he said his name and he was naughty)

belle belle
(he said his other classmate cried)

????!!!!!!!!!!!!  what???!!!!!!!
we got really worried! 
did he throw things at his classmate and made her cry???!!!!!

i called the school that morning
and asked to speak to his class teacher miss lam.

"our son said he threw things and you got angry...
then he said belle cried.
did he throw things and hurt others?"

"oh... that's the reason why you called?!
i thought it was something urgent.
actually what happened that day was almost the entire class got out of control.
first they refused to clean up the toys.... then they started throwing the toys.
your son was one of them.  but he wasn't the naughtiest....
he did stop when i got upset and asked him to stop."

"did he make belle cry?"

"oh no....  he must have said it in a way that made you think the two things are related.
he didn't hurt belle.  belle was crying herself, not because of all the throwing......"

*ppheww* i was relieved that he didn't hurt his classmates.
otherwise i would feel really really bad and would need to phone up the mommy to apologise.

while i had miss lam on the phone i asked about how does little bb do at school since we last spoke.
she said he is generally fine.
though he likes to follow suit, like when one of the classmates stop paying attention in class, 
little bb will follow suit.
and overall he is still quite "baby"... as in reliant on others...

ok little bb,
you need some military training!

p.s. somotu finds this "self reporting" very funny.
he wouldn't stop giggling when i was lecturing little bb that morning, about how he should listen to his teachers, he should not throw things and should not make others cry.

without saying, i got mad at somotu too!  
he should not be giggling and acting all funny when we are trying to discipline little bb!
though i must say, i was trying very hard to keep a straight face myself....  


quitur said...


just hv more posts on little bb with his direct quotes in Chinese.. last time u wrote about dog (almost) eating bb's poo..i almost burst in laughter...

Andre的趣稚童語令我會心微笑,像身歷其境,有個人仔在我面前牙牙學語 : )

aileen ♥ motu said...


yes... he is at a stage when things he said really crack us up....