Monday, February 25, 2013

little phrases

when brownie goes on hunger strike
(our boy likes to go on hunger strike every now and then),
little bb goes,
"brownie mum mum !"
(brownie, eat your food!)

when little bb is given big pieces / chunk of food / snack,
he goes,
"wah, 好大舊!"
(what a big piece!)
followed by 
"wah, 好味 yummy!"

when i talk on the phone,
he goes,
"mami 做乜嘢 gae?"
(what are you doing mani?)

(don't talk!)

and he tries to take my phone away....

some nights ago, 
i was talking to our nanny about little bb's potty training,
we used a very soft voice as we didn't want little bb to hear us,
while we were whispering,
little bb said in a loud voice,
"mami auntie 做乜嘢 gae????"
and in a very nosy manner.....

we all paused and laughed out loud.

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kpopluver97 said...

aww your son seems adorable lol