Tuesday, February 26, 2013

happy birthday batman!

we had a super great time at our godson's birthday party last sunday....

the theme picked by our birthday boy was batman!

honestly, didn't really think a batman theme would be "my cup of tea"
but it turned out to be one of the best party themes i have seen!
the mommy, joanna, has miraculously turned it into an amazing one
with the gorgeous home baked cupcakes, birthday cake, party favours, etc etc!

i particularly like the photo booth made by our goddaughter!
she did a great job with cutting out the buildings, the windows, the batman sign!

black + yellow + white + blue combo isn't that unattractive after all!

i was very happy that i got to help out a tiny part....
with the batman cupcake toppers and batman birthday banner.....

happy birthday didi!!!!
kai ma, kai yeh and little (naughty) bb wish you happiness, health and love as always!

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