Thursday, February 28, 2013

first homemade jam

first time making jam!
what's even better?
it's made with fresh strawberries picked by little bb!!

the strawberries were quite big and sweet....
however, on our way back that day,
most of them were smashed by little bb....
and so were the blueberries i brought along for the outing...
i thought of making jam out of them.... 

as it was my first time making jam,
i read about jam making and came across one recipe
which calls for a bit of orange peel to make the mixed berry jam less sweet...

i prefer jam with chunky pieces of fruits
so, instead of crushing all the berries,
i left some in bigger pieces

and so,
here comes
our first homemade jam!
chunky strawberry + blueberry + orange peel jam!
we are loving it!

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© Annie W.-T. said...

ohhhhh jam!!! i want to learn canning (jam...mmmm)