Wednesday, January 9, 2013

very happy and contented

we started reading this book called baby brains this week
when i first showed it to little bb
he wasn't interested at all and didn't come over to read it with me
but i kept reading it out loud 
i could see him getting more and more interested
and when i talked about the spaceship
he was totally in!

i am glad he likes the book
as i got this book for that one message, that is
...  at the end of the day, no matter what, daddy and mommy are always there for you ....
a cuddle, a loving touch... something very simple and tangible is sometimes what we need.

tonight, after dinner,
it was our routine you-tube time,
and what's special about tonight is that somotu is out for dinner with his friend
that means i am in control of the mouse tonight!
instead of clicking on short clips about cars, thomas the train,
i clicked on the clips i like (and educational *smile*)...
then i thought, hey why not type baby brains and see what will show up!

and this is what showed up:

little bb loves it!
he looked very intense and quiet when he was watching it.
when it reached the moment baby brains cries "i want my mommy",
little bb tilted his head sideways, looked at me and smiled.
that smile was really heart warming.

as soon as it was over, he said "again!"

when we replayed the video,
i had my camera ready....
it wasn't the same smile
but close enough.....

my best moment of the week

oh and we found this one on the very hungry caterpillar!
read by eric carle himself!

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