Sunday, January 27, 2013

this and that

a pot of chinese mandarin oranges
made of card board, felt, clay, color paint

little's bb second piece of work from the creative art class he has started a few weeks ago.

his first piece of work was a painted snake with lots of leaves and sand glued around it...
when i first saw the snake, i was a bit taken back....  snake?!
couldn't they do something a bit cuter??  like perhaps a bunny or doggie...
then i realised...  it's going to be the year of the snake soon.... 
no wonder.

he seems to enjoy the class quite a lot.... 
we purposely signed him up with a more advanced class
because it's only in the more advanced class that parents' companion is not required.
we want little bb to be less attached and feel more comfortable with different settings without our companion...


our first week of toilet training has gone by...
little bb understands what he needs to do during daytime
and is able to wee wee in the potty 
and can pull down and back up his pants by himself.
there were a couple of accidents...
both happened while he was watching videos.
poo poo looks like to be a tougher one.
we are thinking maybe he thinks the potty is for wee wee only.
keep trying little bb, 
we know you can make it!


got a call from school that they can let little bb switch 
from 3 days of school to 5 days of school a week
starting february!
this is really great news....
little bb can spend more time at school with his friends....


just now,
little bb got me really mad.

i ignore him for a long while.
he kept climbing up and down all over me...
until i finally talked to him again.....

媽咪好唔開心, 因為你又唔聽媽咪話























kaekae said...

KM Kae ❤ KJ!

quitur said...

好搞笑 ^^.....yes, perhaps you should train up the dogs to be your son's (strict) teachers....

aileen ♥ motu said...


aileen ♥ motu said...

yes quitur.... i think so... maybe they share the same wave length....

sabe said...

Km 真係好開心!!!!!!

sabe said...