Sunday, January 20, 2013

some 330 days to go

we finally put away the xmas tree on saturday
little bb wasn't happy
he wanted the xmas tree to stay....

i guess it's not really the xmas tree
but perhaps the xmas presents that were lying at the bottom of the tree
waiting for him to be opened....

am already looking forward to this year's xmas
i love the season, i love the deco, i love the friends and family gatherings,
i love the heart warming feeling, i love the yummy festive food.

the only one not-so-great thing about this xmas
is that i was sick for almost the entire month of december.
and still am.....

have lost my smell and taste
....  i was having all these great food with smell and taste....
but i was just as happy getting together with dear ones and 
told myself they were all deliciousss....

hope they will come back soon
and i can stop taking medication.

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