Tuesday, January 29, 2013

little (funny) phrases

open day at the fire station on sunday...
so crowded!
there were long lines queuing for almost everything...
including taking pictures with the firemen!
as usual, we opted for the *attractions* without lines.....


my perspective vs. his perspective:
as little bb is learning new things, becoming more independent, picking up new lines, behaviours
and being able to engage in small conversations with us,
i think little bb is getting more and more naughty and cheeky,
somotu thinks the fun part is just beginning.

sometimes his reaction and small phrases are quite cute and funny...
especially together with his facial expression and tone of voice....

(?????  don't know why and when he started to be afraid of being dirty)

(?????  don't know why he pretends to be afraid of ants....  )

(when he doesn't want to follow our instructions and pretend to walk away)

(pleading for candy, ice lollies, cars, etc etc etc)

Cheese ball ball, one only..... two only 
(when he bargains for one of his favorite snacks, the cheese balls)

two only, 好啦...
(bargaining again)

(when he wants us to give him big spoonful of food he likes)

kiu kiu 姐姐倒水曳曳!
(he keeps repeating this over and over again.... when actually he was the one who tipped over the glass of water that day!)

bee bu bee bu 捉你
(this is our bad...  we used to say the police will come get him when he doesn't behave... )

(whenever he hears strange, unusual sounds)


today is a toilet-training-gone-mad-day....

not sure what happened today,
all of a sudden little bb got scared of the potty
and refused to sit in it to poo poo.
kept crying and crying....

what happened in the end?

he insisted that i carried him,
(his two little legs wrapped around my waist like a koala bear)
and then he poo poo on me!

all i could do was to stay calm and patient...
used my utmost soothing voice to calm him down and tell him that it's ok
and he should give the potty a try again.....
told him that all the big boys and girls he know are also using the potty,
showed him the book with pictures of boys using the potty...
bribed him with a new toy car....
basically everything we could think of to calm him down.

after almost 15 mins,
he finally sat in his potty, reluctantly...
but the big job has already finished (on my tummy).


hope this is just a one-off thing....

oh oh oh
i almost forgot to write this down....
brownie wanted to eat the poo poo of little bb!
don't ask me why.....
i don't know why............


change of topic....
something more civilised and cultural.

this afternoon,
the grannies took little bb to see the andy warhol exhibition....
there is supposed to be a kid's area....

haven't got a chance to find out from the grannies
whether little bb had fun (or actually, behaved)....


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