Monday, January 28, 2013

draw something

awhile ago (actually a long while ago),
i was part of the crowd that has gone crazy about *draw something

we had a real-life draw something session after dinner at home.

little bb, what shall mami draw on the board?

a doggie?


"chuc in ton!"

chugginton?!  okok!  mami draws chugginton!


~ pointing at the last window on the train, he said ~ "dadi here"

and so i drew dadi there

~ pointing at the second last window, he said ~ "on drey here"

and so i drew little bb there

~ pointing at the next window, he said ~ "mami here"

and so i drew myself....

i am actually glad that he accepted the above funny looking train as chuggington.
it doesn't look a bit like any of the chuggington trains.

alright, i think some others would like to ride on the train too...
and as i started drawing brownie and sugar,
little bb yelled "CLOUD!!!!"

hmmmm.....  he is quite right, they look more like two clouds rather than brownie and sugar!

what shall mami draw next?

"dy no so!!!"


"dy no SOOOO!!!!"

oh!!!!  you mean dinosaur?


this is a tough one...  i don't recall ever drawing a dinosaur before.....

before i could even finish the above,
little bb screamed "giraffe!!!!"

no!  it's not a giraffe!


we all burst into laughter!

......  hmmmm  i figure i needed to re-draw...

my second attempt didn't go quite well either:

his first response was "giraffFFF"
then "kan ga loo"
again, we all burst into laughter....

hmmm...  true, it looks more like a kangaroo...
(and i am secretly happy that he knows what a kangaroo looks like, well sort of)

seeing my drawing going nowhere, 
i cried for help from somotu.
and this is what somotu came up with:

as soon as somotu finished drawing the mouth and teeth,
little bb went, "ahummmmmmm" as in a big munch....
followed by, "dy no sor"

and this is my last attempt:

to which, little bb said
"dy no sor"


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