Thursday, January 31, 2013

self report

the other night after dinner,
out of the blue,
little bb said to us:

miss lam 好嬲
(miss lam, his teacher at school, was very angry)

somotu and i stopped whatever we were doing 
got really nervous, 
as this is the first time ever since he has gone to school has he said anything about teachers getting angry,
and asked him what happened at school.

(he named one of his classmates and said she was naughty)

i know who that classmate is and i know she is a well behaved girl
so i said to little bb, "it can't be because mami has met her and know she is a good girl"

we kept asking him what happened and whether miss lam was angry at him instead...
but we got no response...
he got busy with his cars...

the next morning,
somotu asked him again

and he said

(he said his name and he was naughty)

belle belle
(he said his other classmate cried)

????!!!!!!!!!!!!  what???!!!!!!!
we got really worried! 
did he throw things at his classmate and made her cry???!!!!!

i called the school that morning
and asked to speak to his class teacher miss lam.

"our son said he threw things and you got angry...
then he said belle cried.
did he throw things and hurt others?"

"oh... that's the reason why you called?!
i thought it was something urgent.
actually what happened that day was almost the entire class got out of control.
first they refused to clean up the toys.... then they started throwing the toys.
your son was one of them.  but he wasn't the naughtiest....
he did stop when i got upset and asked him to stop."

"did he make belle cry?"

"oh no....  he must have said it in a way that made you think the two things are related.
he didn't hurt belle.  belle was crying herself, not because of all the throwing......"

*ppheww* i was relieved that he didn't hurt his classmates.
otherwise i would feel really really bad and would need to phone up the mommy to apologise.

while i had miss lam on the phone i asked about how does little bb do at school since we last spoke.
she said he is generally fine.
though he likes to follow suit, like when one of the classmates stop paying attention in class, 
little bb will follow suit.
and overall he is still quite "baby"... as in reliant on others...

ok little bb,
you need some military training!

p.s. somotu finds this "self reporting" very funny.
he wouldn't stop giggling when i was lecturing little bb that morning, about how he should listen to his teachers, he should not throw things and should not make others cry.

without saying, i got mad at somotu too!  
he should not be giggling and acting all funny when we are trying to discipline little bb!
though i must say, i was trying very hard to keep a straight face myself....  

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

sweet sweet!

from crying, screaming, kicking and pushing away the syringe filled with medication
opening the fridge himself wanting to take his medication for flu and coughing

we are now at a stage of
little bb coming after our (not his) medication

medication has a sweet name as 甜甜 (sweet sweet)

i have been on medication since dec last year
and whenever i take the pills and medication,
a shadow will appear next to me at the speed of light
and will keep nagging me:

媽咪病病咗呀? (mami is sick?)
要食甜甜呀? (needs to take sweet sweet?)
食甜甜好呀! (take sweet sweet good!)
比!!! (give!)

no, you are not sick.
it's mami who's sick.
you don't need 甜甜 (the medication)

有呀! (have!)
有病病呀! (sick!)

he will then run to the kitchen door,
ask us to open the safety gate,
let him in,
open the fridge himself
point at his own medication
start pretending coughing
followed by

有呀! (have!)
有病病呀! (sick!)

病病食甜甜!! (sick, take sweet sweet!)

and sometimes,
instead of coughing
he will tell us he has a fever...

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

little (funny) phrases

open day at the fire station on sunday...
so crowded!
there were long lines queuing for almost everything...
including taking pictures with the firemen!
as usual, we opted for the *attractions* without lines.....


my perspective vs. his perspective:
as little bb is learning new things, becoming more independent, picking up new lines, behaviours
and being able to engage in small conversations with us,
i think little bb is getting more and more naughty and cheeky,
somotu thinks the fun part is just beginning.

sometimes his reaction and small phrases are quite cute and funny...
especially together with his facial expression and tone of voice....

(?????  don't know why and when he started to be afraid of being dirty)

(?????  don't know why he pretends to be afraid of ants....  )

(when he doesn't want to follow our instructions and pretend to walk away)

(pleading for candy, ice lollies, cars, etc etc etc)

Cheese ball ball, one only..... two only 
(when he bargains for one of his favorite snacks, the cheese balls)

two only, 好啦...
(bargaining again)

(when he wants us to give him big spoonful of food he likes)

kiu kiu 姐姐倒水曳曳!
(he keeps repeating this over and over again.... when actually he was the one who tipped over the glass of water that day!)

bee bu bee bu 捉你
(this is our bad...  we used to say the police will come get him when he doesn't behave... )

(whenever he hears strange, unusual sounds)


today is a toilet-training-gone-mad-day....

not sure what happened today,
all of a sudden little bb got scared of the potty
and refused to sit in it to poo poo.
kept crying and crying....

what happened in the end?

he insisted that i carried him,
(his two little legs wrapped around my waist like a koala bear)
and then he poo poo on me!

all i could do was to stay calm and patient...
used my utmost soothing voice to calm him down and tell him that it's ok
and he should give the potty a try again.....
told him that all the big boys and girls he know are also using the potty,
showed him the book with pictures of boys using the potty...
bribed him with a new toy car....
basically everything we could think of to calm him down.

after almost 15 mins,
he finally sat in his potty, reluctantly...
but the big job has already finished (on my tummy).


hope this is just a one-off thing....

oh oh oh
i almost forgot to write this down....
brownie wanted to eat the poo poo of little bb!
don't ask me why.....
i don't know why............


change of topic....
something more civilised and cultural.

this afternoon,
the grannies took little bb to see the andy warhol exhibition....
there is supposed to be a kid's area....

haven't got a chance to find out from the grannies
whether little bb had fun (or actually, behaved)....

Monday, January 28, 2013

draw something

awhile ago (actually a long while ago),
i was part of the crowd that has gone crazy about *draw something

we had a real-life draw something session after dinner at home.

little bb, what shall mami draw on the board?

a doggie?


"chuc in ton!"

chugginton?!  okok!  mami draws chugginton!


~ pointing at the last window on the train, he said ~ "dadi here"

and so i drew dadi there

~ pointing at the second last window, he said ~ "on drey here"

and so i drew little bb there

~ pointing at the next window, he said ~ "mami here"

and so i drew myself....

i am actually glad that he accepted the above funny looking train as chuggington.
it doesn't look a bit like any of the chuggington trains.

alright, i think some others would like to ride on the train too...
and as i started drawing brownie and sugar,
little bb yelled "CLOUD!!!!"

hmmmm.....  he is quite right, they look more like two clouds rather than brownie and sugar!

what shall mami draw next?

"dy no so!!!"


"dy no SOOOO!!!!"

oh!!!!  you mean dinosaur?


this is a tough one...  i don't recall ever drawing a dinosaur before.....

before i could even finish the above,
little bb screamed "giraffe!!!!"

no!  it's not a giraffe!


we all burst into laughter!

......  hmmmm  i figure i needed to re-draw...

my second attempt didn't go quite well either:

his first response was "giraffFFF"
then "kan ga loo"
again, we all burst into laughter....

hmmm...  true, it looks more like a kangaroo...
(and i am secretly happy that he knows what a kangaroo looks like, well sort of)

seeing my drawing going nowhere, 
i cried for help from somotu.
and this is what somotu came up with:

as soon as somotu finished drawing the mouth and teeth,
little bb went, "ahummmmmmm" as in a big munch....
followed by, "dy no sor"

and this is my last attempt:

to which, little bb said
"dy no sor"


Sunday, January 27, 2013

this and that

a pot of chinese mandarin oranges
made of card board, felt, clay, color paint

little's bb second piece of work from the creative art class he has started a few weeks ago.

his first piece of work was a painted snake with lots of leaves and sand glued around it...
when i first saw the snake, i was a bit taken back....  snake?!
couldn't they do something a bit cuter??  like perhaps a bunny or doggie...
then i realised...  it's going to be the year of the snake soon.... 
no wonder.

he seems to enjoy the class quite a lot.... 
we purposely signed him up with a more advanced class
because it's only in the more advanced class that parents' companion is not required.
we want little bb to be less attached and feel more comfortable with different settings without our companion...


our first week of toilet training has gone by...
little bb understands what he needs to do during daytime
and is able to wee wee in the potty 
and can pull down and back up his pants by himself.
there were a couple of accidents...
both happened while he was watching videos.
poo poo looks like to be a tougher one.
we are thinking maybe he thinks the potty is for wee wee only.
keep trying little bb, 
we know you can make it!


got a call from school that they can let little bb switch 
from 3 days of school to 5 days of school a week
starting february!
this is really great news....
little bb can spend more time at school with his friends....


just now,
little bb got me really mad.

i ignore him for a long while.
he kept climbing up and down all over me...
until i finally talked to him again.....

媽咪好唔開心, 因為你又唔聽媽咪話






















Saturday, January 26, 2013

Friday, January 25, 2013

Thursday, January 24, 2013

the sweetest of all

in the end,
i failed the test.

i couldn't resist them.....
and here they are,
one of the newest tenants of our shoe cabinet.

and during the lunch break that day,
saw them again.
these shades of pink are too pretty to pass
on a dull and frustrating working morning....

am loving these colours! 
(though i must admit, most of the time i am too lazy to put them on)

....  and someone,
somehow slipped in this eat me car....

"mami stay home".....  when i was about to leave home for work this morning
"mami eat".....    followed by a candy passed to me
nothing can beat this sweetness

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

luxurious home

with laduree finally in town,
i have been having macaroons (sort of) non-stop....
and i don't want to know how many i have had already!

my favourite is still coffee flavor.

and with them in town,
my lace has a luxurious and spacious home now!

Monday, January 21, 2013




little bb did his big job in his potty,
apart from a couple of accidents, he did his smaller jobs in his potty.
(though i had a feeling that being a cheeky boy, he will soon resume his *playful* self and plays opposite.....)

and on Saturday when he wee wee in the potty by himself,
a sensation rushed through me.
i felt like crying... with happiness.

little bb said "please mami"
in the sweetest little voice to ask for milk right before he went to bed.

little bb sat between my nap 
and we read books together before he fell asleep.


little bb is quite impatient and rushes through things quite often.
we played with blocks to guide him to do things slower and with patience...
and that night, he built his tallest ever *tower*


Sunday, January 20, 2013

the hug

i love traveling with my girl friends
but it is getting harder to travel together....
one, difficult to match each other's schedule as we grow and have our own obligations...
two, little bb

i know i would have lots of fun and crazy time traveling with the girls
and especially for our dearest's big birthday.
but still,
it was difficult for me to bear the thought of not being with little bb for days.

as little bb grows and starts interacting and talking more,
it gets more difficult for me....
as compared to when he was just several months old or even when he was one.
and the guilty feeling of not being with him gets stronger.

for the weeks before our trip to bangkok,
one minute i would be really looking forward to the trip
the next minute i would be feeling guilty...
and sometimes i would worry whether he would become less attached to me,
or even ignore me when i'm back home.

and for the week right before our trip,
i kept telling little bb that i would be away just for a few days.
i told him that i would be flying in an airplane
he asked,
"me too?"
"i want airplane"

it was an early evening flight
i rushed back home from work 
so that i could squeeze little extra moments with little bb.
it was right after his school and i got to pick him up from the school bus.

"come give mami a hug"

and my hug was too tight...
i was being pushed away...

being back for a week now,
it has proven that my worries were just worries.

i was told that little bb was looking for me while i was away... *smile*
and when i got home that day, he jumped up and down merrily,

i luv you

some 330 days to go

we finally put away the xmas tree on saturday
little bb wasn't happy
he wanted the xmas tree to stay....

i guess it's not really the xmas tree
but perhaps the xmas presents that were lying at the bottom of the tree
waiting for him to be opened....

am already looking forward to this year's xmas
i love the season, i love the deco, i love the friends and family gatherings,
i love the heart warming feeling, i love the yummy festive food.

the only one not-so-great thing about this xmas
is that i was sick for almost the entire month of december.
and still am.....

have lost my smell and taste
....  i was having all these great food with smell and taste....
but i was just as happy getting together with dear ones and 
told myself they were all deliciousss....

hope they will come back soon
and i can stop taking medication.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Friday, January 18, 2013

corners of bangkok

 a very cozy zakka + cafe shop

lots of nice cafes and restaurants.....
...  can't help but wonder why the ones over here are so boring....

inside the shopping malls....
i love this crochet swinging chair!!!

.... and non stop eating....
.... a mountain of mangoes....  were told that this shop is famous for its HUGE mangoes!

zakka shopping!
for a second, i thought i was in tokyo!

....  and the sky is so clear at night 
that we could actually see not just one, but lots of stars!
.... the stars doesn't show in the photo, but there were really lots of stars!
little bb would be so thrilled if he saw this!