Monday, December 17, 2012

get well soon my baby


so little bb had to skip school 
and missed the christmas show today....

his temperature was hovering around 38F the whole day

we would love to see him singing and dancing to jingle bells....
the other mommies have sent over photos of the show today....
seeing all the little people dressed as santa clause is really cute....

i will surely dressed little bb in the santa outfit we got him
and sing and dance to jingle bells with him 
when he is up and running again


first day back to work today after taking a week off
and i could already see myself possibly drowned by all the work 
i have to keep telling myself to stay calm and cool
i can't let anything ruin the festive season....
afterall, xmas is my fave time of the year!


i am constantly replaying the moment when little bb saw me standing on the sidewalk
waiting to pick him up from the school bus after school last week when i was off.

he was still seated but as soon as he saw me,
he was yelling "mami mami mami"
pointing at me and telling the nanny on the bus, "mami mami"
then he started kicking his feet 

seeing him so excited that i was the one to pick him up
really made the best moment of the entire week!


two fridays ago was little bb's first ever school picnic
i wasn't able to join due to the tons of work at work
my mom took my place instead to bring little bb to the picnic....

i hope i will be able to do that next round

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