Friday, December 14, 2012

busy bee

the search for something to hold this and that on our dining table is over
.... this white wooden box is perfect!

been busy with....
+ xmas shopping
+ wrapping xmas presents
+ being part time full time mom
+ family gatherings
+ arranging xmas gatherings
+ making xmas stockings for little bb and B&S
+ searching for classes suitable for little bb to attend
+ reading the parenting books 
+ online shopping for myself

bits & pieces....
+ just received little bb's first ever student photo
+ had a really fun day at disney with my brother and sister in law
+ loving the "sending little bb to school bus for school" and "waiting for little bb to come home after school" times
+ loving the "3 hours time for myself" when little bb is at school
+ loving my cups and cups of coffee from my fave coffee places
+ loving our xmas tree
+ loving the xmas feeling all around
+ watching the video i took in which little bb sang "haappee bir day mommy" non-stop
+ looking at the photos of little bb's first school picnic over and over again

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