Monday, December 31, 2012

last of 2012

the last day of 2012 at work
wasn't like work at all....

needless to say, no one was in the mood for any serious work
it's because it's "bring your children to work" day!

on the last working day of 2012,
i was busy with shepherding little bb in the office....

i think little bb will from now on have a better idea of
what i mean by "mama needs to go to work"


the one thing i would really hope for and work on
is to stay healthy.

i have never been sick, on medication, took sick leave as often as in 2012

and i never really realise how precious and important good health is.

stay healthy and happy in 2013 everyone!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

new stuff....

i am......
loving my new jacket and boots
he is.....
loving his boots, gift from his godmother


he is also loving his new set of toy cars

Saturday, December 29, 2012

boxing day may last a month

3 days past boxing day
and majority of the xmas presents are still sitting around the xmas tree

there are too many presents for little bb
need to limit to opening one present a day 
(provided that he did not misbehave that day)

so far, he has only opened two presents
both from me
....  the first one is a set of retro style toy cars

....  the second one is a little people's pillow with a car printed on it...

tonight, when he went to sleep,
he held the pillow tight


Friday, December 28, 2012

hapPI to u daDI!

hapPi bir day to u
hap day to u
hapPi to u daDI!
hapPi to u!

three consecutive nights of birthday celebration for somotu
for his big birthday...

1st night...  dinner at home followed by little bb's version of birthday song
2nd night...  dine out, just the three of us
3rd night...  a SURPRISE dinner for somotu....  with his best friends!

very very happy that the surprise dinner turned out well  *smile*

Thursday, December 27, 2012

we love carousel ride!

we didn't get a chance to ride this lovely tiffany blue carousel last year...
and we did this year!
and we did it twice too!

i rode on a bigger wooden horse
little rode on a smaller wooden horse
round and round we went
while somotu took pictures of us riding on the pretty horses

after the two rounds of rides
off we went to check out the sparkling xmas trees...

i just wish xmas could last longer!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

merry merry christmas!

merry christmas!!!
from the entire gang!

Monday, December 24, 2012

xmas stockings

xmas stockings made for our three babies

i like the one with layers of ruffles the most
and it's the most girly one too
it's for sugar...

xmas in the kitchen

wishing everyone a peaceful and heart-warming christmas

Sunday, December 23, 2012

xmas art work

i am wondering how much of the reindeer and xmas tree were done by little bb?
or would 99% of it being done by the teachers at school?  

Saturday, December 22, 2012

my first gingerbread house

thanks joanna for this cute little gingerbread house!
love the details and smell of ginger!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

why your tummy has no hair but the rest of your body has?


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

santa and the elf

santa is busy preparing and wrapping the xmas presents...

.....  while one of the santa elves 
noses around....

stepping all over the presents and 
wrapping paper....

Monday, December 17, 2012

get well soon my baby


so little bb had to skip school 
and missed the christmas show today....

his temperature was hovering around 38F the whole day

we would love to see him singing and dancing to jingle bells....
the other mommies have sent over photos of the show today....
seeing all the little people dressed as santa clause is really cute....

i will surely dressed little bb in the santa outfit we got him
and sing and dance to jingle bells with him 
when he is up and running again


first day back to work today after taking a week off
and i could already see myself possibly drowned by all the work 
i have to keep telling myself to stay calm and cool
i can't let anything ruin the festive season....
afterall, xmas is my fave time of the year!


i am constantly replaying the moment when little bb saw me standing on the sidewalk
waiting to pick him up from the school bus after school last week when i was off.

he was still seated but as soon as he saw me,
he was yelling "mami mami mami"
pointing at me and telling the nanny on the bus, "mami mami"
then he started kicking his feet 

seeing him so excited that i was the one to pick him up
really made the best moment of the entire week!


two fridays ago was little bb's first ever school picnic
i wasn't able to join due to the tons of work at work
my mom took my place instead to bring little bb to the picnic....

i hope i will be able to do that next round

Sunday, December 16, 2012

xmas box by comehome*

this afternoon, we gathered at joanna's house 
for the second major project of comehome*!

just like last round, i have nothing to contribute other than helping
with the packaging (and tasting!)

joanna and salina did an amazing job again...
they have baked loaves of different kinds of cake...
which made me really hungry and kept asking whether i could slip a few tiny pieces into my tummy!

i love cinnamon... so naturally the cinnamon loaf baked by salina becomes my favourite!
and the ginger bread cookies baked by joanna are simply delicious!

while the three of us were busying cutting, wrapping, etc
the kids were busy running around the house.
this minute, my goddaughter became a teacher and my godson and little bb became silly looking pupils...
the next minute, my goddaughter would be leading the two boys to a field trip...
little bb would say "feuuu chhhippp" after my goddaughter....
the next next minute, my goddaugher became a teacher teaching about partying....
when i turned my head to look at them again, i saw little bb busying erasing the alphabets written by my goddaughter on the chalkboard...
most of the time, little bb would be following them around, looking silly and happy...
i looked at them and felt so blessed....

as for the husbands, 
they made contributions too!
apart from looking after the kids, they helped with assembling the packaging box and labels....


"long time no sheee moon"
"noo moon they?"

said little bb when i put  him to bed tonight

the first sentence caught me by surprise cuz i didn't think i taught him to say "long time no see"...
don't know how he picked that up...

he looked really disappointed about not seeing the moon for awhile....

so i promised that i will talk to the moon and ask whether she can shine on us tomorrow night....


little bb got a fever tonight....
i hope he will get well tomorrow so that he can join his first ever christmas show at school tomorrow....
my guess is they are going to sing "jingle bells" tomorrow
how do i know?
because little bb has been singing "jingle belle belles"
and doing this cute little dance by moving his hands left and right
whenever he hears "jingle bells", he gave us an o-shaped mouth and started humming...


during our ride to joanna's home this afternoon,
little bb sang a few songs...
one of them was " t time t time fan fun fan... ($_)$()#($*@)#^%"
somotu went completely blank and lost and said 
"what's that?  i think you've got all the songs mixed up"
feeling proud and "know it all", i said
"it's the tea time song at school!"
"it goes like this: ""tea time tea time fun fun fun""
"right, little bb?"

"yeah" said little bb


back to work tomorrow....
the end of my part time full time mom times....

Saturday, December 15, 2012


this past tuesday,
we went to disneyland together with my brother and sister-in-law.

it's little bb's third time to the theme park
and this round,
the experience is very different than before
as he now appreciates and understands more what it is about.

+ the parade +
he was very excited as i told him we will meet mickey mouse in person
and when mickey finally appeared,
he kept waving his hand at mickey and saying "hello!"

+ it's a small world +
last time we went, he fell asleep
this time, he stayed awake the whole ride
kept turning his head left and right, back and forth

+ the carousel +
he loved it!
he rode on the horse by himself!
when i asked whether he enjoyed the ride when it ended,
he said, "hole chung yee" (as in "i like it very much")

+ the flying dumbo +
when we first asked him whether he wanted to ride on the flying dumbo
he turned his head left and right.
after the ride on the carousel,
we asked him again about the flying dumbo,
and he said yes.
and he loved it too!

+ taking pictures with mickey mouse and pluto +
he was so excited when he saw mickey mouse
that he ran to him and gave him a big hug!

little bb likes watching this "old car new car" of mickey mouse on youtube...
so i asked him to ask mickey mouse about his car....
and he did!
in a very soft and faint voice, he mumbled "new car?  old car?" 
to mickey.
as soon as he finished his question, he hid behind my legs *smile*

our visit ended when the sun set.....

thanks to my brother and sister-in-law for accompanying us!

Friday, December 14, 2012

busy bee

the search for something to hold this and that on our dining table is over
.... this white wooden box is perfect!

been busy with....
+ xmas shopping
+ wrapping xmas presents
+ being part time full time mom
+ family gatherings
+ arranging xmas gatherings
+ making xmas stockings for little bb and B&S
+ searching for classes suitable for little bb to attend
+ reading the parenting books 
+ online shopping for myself

bits & pieces....
+ just received little bb's first ever student photo
+ had a really fun day at disney with my brother and sister in law
+ loving the "sending little bb to school bus for school" and "waiting for little bb to come home after school" times
+ loving the "3 hours time for myself" when little bb is at school
+ loving my cups and cups of coffee from my fave coffee places
+ loving our xmas tree
+ loving the xmas feeling all around
+ watching the video i took in which little bb sang "haappee bir day mommy" non-stop
+ looking at the photos of little bb's first school picnic over and over again

Thursday, December 13, 2012

sweet treats

 sweet stuff from a very pretty and french confectionary shop, le madeleine de proust .

from top to bottom:
raspberry marshmallow
orange blossom marshmallow
"patience" in assorted floral flavours and colours 
cinnamon star cookies

thanks girls for the sweet treats!