Thursday, November 29, 2012

sweet little talks

a little busy body......


"i love you dear"
"lau u"

"let's count from 1 to 10"
"won, too, fee, for, fa, sig, o, o, o, o, o... kakakakakakaka"

"let's sing the ABC song"
"a b c d e f g h i hahahahahahahaha  &#^$(@*#&$^(@*#&^"

"what's the weather like today?"
"sunnie they!"

"oh it's night time, do you see the moon?"
"moooon they!"

"see you later!"
"see u me mo mo"
(me mo mo = tomorrow)

"see you later!" again
"see u ti ta"


little bb is saying a lot more now,
though sometimes, we still don't quite get what's he is trying to say...

and sometimes,
out of the blue, he can speak a complete sentence 
like tonight,
"choo choo train, where are u?"

"mami, where are u?"


he likes talking on the phone
and he likes dialling random numbers on my phone

sometimes i hand him my phone to talk to grandma, auntie and kai ma

i would sit there and watch him *talking* and *responding* to the other side
with a sometimes serious and sometimes understanding and wise look

he will keep nodding his head, saying "yeah"... and "yes"

as if he is having a real grown up conversation


these little things really *sweeten* and crack us up


my favorite girl


Kathryn Louise said...

Cutest thing the way they talk
Your little BB is growing up
Happy Christmas to you all
Kat x

aileen ♥ motu said...

happy christmas to you too kat!