Friday, November 30, 2012

raineee they

it's been raining for almost two weeks now....
getting really humid and sticky
not a bit like winter at all....

to make an otherwise gloomy day a happy one,
we drew on the chalkboard...

"what should we draw today?"


"what else?"

"dun der"

"thunder???  gong gong gonloonnnnn?"



"rainny they!!!!"

"where is the sun?"


"what do we need when it's raining?"

"bear lllaa"

"that's right, we need umbrella when it's raining"


pointing at the clouds, "baa baa sheep!"

"oh yeah!!!!!  don't the clouds look like baa baa sheep?!!!
let's draw some baa baa sheep sheep then!"



"ok, let's sing the rain rain song"


          rain rain go away 
   come back on another day
       little bb wants to play!


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