Monday, November 19, 2012

party from day till night

i don't much how much little bb will remember how happy he was at his 2 yrs old birthday party,
but i surely will
his laughter,
his running all over the place
and his state of "too-happy-kind-of-out-of-control"!

he continued to have fun with the balloons all by himself after most of our friends and family have left.....

zillions of thanks to dear joanna and salina for helping with
the ice cream theme.....

i don't have an oven and i am terrible at baking / cooking....
but i am most fortunate to have both girls to help me out....

ice cream in cone lookalike cupcakes,
ice cream lookalike cupcakes.....

..... and even the birthday cake!!!!!!
i have this ice cream themed cake in mind....
all i could do was draw and describe,
and super talented joanna, with her magic hands,
made this cake ~ exactly the one i had in mind!

we used real waffle ice cream cone to hold the scoop of *fake* ice cream made by joanna...
the standup letters were simply beautiful!

not only was the cake super beautiful,
it was also extremely tasty!
my mom told me that my dad kept standing next to the cake wanting to have his 2nd, 3rd, 4th serving!

thanks so much joanna!!!!!!!!

other sweet delights for the ice cream theme
~ fresh fruit salad in ice cream cups
~ ice cream lookalike candies
~ ice cream cone cookies i designed for a bakery to make

i wish i had the chance to take more pictures of the bits and pieces of the party....
many thanks to all those who have sent me pictures they took for us....

many many thanks to all those who came....
many many thanks for making the party memorable and a super happy one for little bb!
thanks all!


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