Sunday, November 18, 2012


every month,
the school will post pictures of our kids and school life onto its website.
it's definitely something we look forward to eagerly!
we want to know what little bb looks like at school, how he mingles and interacts with other kids in his class, how he is spending his time at school etc...

it's surely a joy seeing pictures of him in his uniform, 
sometimes he looks very silly 
sometimes he looks lost
sometimes he smiles
sometimes he laughs
most of the time, looking silly.

we were particularly keen about the pictures for October
as this is his birthday month and the school will throw a party for all the kids having birthdays in the same month.
one picture i am looking forward to seeing is the one where he is supposed to wear a birthday hat and stand behind a huge birthday cake.

the pictures were finally posted.
we looked once, twice, triple times, and all over again.
no sight of the birthday cake photo.

after awhile, somotu said
"i hope your son didn't knock over the cake"

we laughed out loud.

but it's a good point,
i shall call the school tomorrow to ask
just to make sure little bb did't knock down the cake or step all over it....
leaving no cake for photo taking.

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