Friday, November 30, 2012

raineee they

it's been raining for almost two weeks now....
getting really humid and sticky
not a bit like winter at all....

to make an otherwise gloomy day a happy one,
we drew on the chalkboard...

"what should we draw today?"


"what else?"

"dun der"

"thunder???  gong gong gonloonnnnn?"



"rainny they!!!!"

"where is the sun?"


"what do we need when it's raining?"

"bear lllaa"

"that's right, we need umbrella when it's raining"


pointing at the clouds, "baa baa sheep!"

"oh yeah!!!!!  don't the clouds look like baa baa sheep?!!!
let's draw some baa baa sheep sheep then!"



"ok, let's sing the rain rain song"


          rain rain go away 
   come back on another day
       little bb wants to play!


Thursday, November 29, 2012

sweet little talks

a little busy body......


"i love you dear"
"lau u"

"let's count from 1 to 10"
"won, too, fee, for, fa, sig, o, o, o, o, o... kakakakakakaka"

"let's sing the ABC song"
"a b c d e f g h i hahahahahahahaha  &#^$(@*#&$^(@*#&^"

"what's the weather like today?"
"sunnie they!"

"oh it's night time, do you see the moon?"
"moooon they!"

"see you later!"
"see u me mo mo"
(me mo mo = tomorrow)

"see you later!" again
"see u ti ta"


little bb is saying a lot more now,
though sometimes, we still don't quite get what's he is trying to say...

and sometimes,
out of the blue, he can speak a complete sentence 
like tonight,
"choo choo train, where are u?"

"mami, where are u?"


he likes talking on the phone
and he likes dialling random numbers on my phone

sometimes i hand him my phone to talk to grandma, auntie and kai ma

i would sit there and watch him *talking* and *responding* to the other side
with a sometimes serious and sometimes understanding and wise look

he will keep nodding his head, saying "yeah"... and "yes"

as if he is having a real grown up conversation


these little things really *sweeten* and crack us up


my favorite girl

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

our first sports day

it was held on a super sunny day....

little bb's first sports day
and our first time participating as parents.

i was never really a sports person
and i have enjoyed the snacking and chit chatting moments more than the actual sports activities of those sports days when i was at high school ....

good that little bb have enjoyed his more than i did *smile*

he especially liked the ball ball game
somotu held the net and little bb kept shooting


another game.... tug of war
instead of pulling,
little bb was sipping water ....
tangling himself with the rope....

and the day was wrapped up with chasing after the birdies!

Monday, November 26, 2012

pieces of xmas

we are more than ready for xmas!
the only thing missing is.....

feeling "new"

the time after midnights this weekend 
has been spent on tidying up our place...

for the longest time, it has been quite messy....

i can finally take out some of the zakka items i have gotten for awhile
but never got a chance to arrange and utilise them....

our place looks and feels much better

Friday, November 23, 2012

trick or treat

daddy got him two halloween outfits this year

needless to say, i am not very impressed with the second one (bruce lee?!).....
though little bb likes it more (or so it seems with the signature yellow jumpsuit and expression)

it took us a couple of days before we could finally talk him into becoming a lion.....

Thursday, November 22, 2012

sweet stuff

some of the lovely birthday presents received by little bb

.....  and a very special gift to us.....
a one of a kind moleskin

and an all white toy camera which mama loves alot *smile*

thanks again!!!!

a date with little bb

some weeks ago,
i went on a date with little bb....

after putting on the new bag i got for little bb
(he looks like a little postman *smile*),
we set off....

our first stop was the book store

his favorite corner at the book store....
for obvious reasons
.... trains and cars......

....  and our date was wrapped up tastefully with frozen yoghurt!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

bits & pieces

blowing bubbles by himself

running around

 ordered by daddy to clean up his own mess

sketches for the ice cream truck and ice cream cookies for little bb's birthday party

pictorial illustration of his birthday cake and candle blowing

swinging non stop

Monday, November 19, 2012

party from day till night

i don't much how much little bb will remember how happy he was at his 2 yrs old birthday party,
but i surely will
his laughter,
his running all over the place
and his state of "too-happy-kind-of-out-of-control"!

he continued to have fun with the balloons all by himself after most of our friends and family have left.....

zillions of thanks to dear joanna and salina for helping with
the ice cream theme.....

i don't have an oven and i am terrible at baking / cooking....
but i am most fortunate to have both girls to help me out....

ice cream in cone lookalike cupcakes,
ice cream lookalike cupcakes.....

..... and even the birthday cake!!!!!!
i have this ice cream themed cake in mind....
all i could do was draw and describe,
and super talented joanna, with her magic hands,
made this cake ~ exactly the one i had in mind!

we used real waffle ice cream cone to hold the scoop of *fake* ice cream made by joanna...
the standup letters were simply beautiful!

not only was the cake super beautiful,
it was also extremely tasty!
my mom told me that my dad kept standing next to the cake wanting to have his 2nd, 3rd, 4th serving!

thanks so much joanna!!!!!!!!

other sweet delights for the ice cream theme
~ fresh fruit salad in ice cream cups
~ ice cream lookalike candies
~ ice cream cone cookies i designed for a bakery to make

i wish i had the chance to take more pictures of the bits and pieces of the party....
many thanks to all those who have sent me pictures they took for us....

many many thanks to all those who came....
many many thanks for making the party memorable and a super happy one for little bb!
thanks all!


Sunday, November 18, 2012


every month,
the school will post pictures of our kids and school life onto its website.
it's definitely something we look forward to eagerly!
we want to know what little bb looks like at school, how he mingles and interacts with other kids in his class, how he is spending his time at school etc...

it's surely a joy seeing pictures of him in his uniform, 
sometimes he looks very silly 
sometimes he looks lost
sometimes he smiles
sometimes he laughs
most of the time, looking silly.

we were particularly keen about the pictures for October
as this is his birthday month and the school will throw a party for all the kids having birthdays in the same month.
one picture i am looking forward to seeing is the one where he is supposed to wear a birthday hat and stand behind a huge birthday cake.

the pictures were finally posted.
we looked once, twice, triple times, and all over again.
no sight of the birthday cake photo.

after awhile, somotu said
"i hope your son didn't knock over the cake"

we laughed out loud.

but it's a good point,
i shall call the school tomorrow to ask
just to make sure little bb did't knock down the cake or step all over it....
leaving no cake for photo taking.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

the preparation work

things prepared for little bb's 2nd birthday party held a few weeks ago

got two of these cupcake stands to hold cupcakes baked by dear joanna...
as i don't have an oven, the best i could come up with was a play dough version of the cupcake
for playing....

was searching for similar ice cream truck decoration stuff for weeks,
until just a week before the party, literally a week, i found this cutie online!
it's exactly what i wanted!

between car and ice cream, 
it was almost a no-brainer that i (note:  it's "i" not "little bb"... hehehe) 
chose ice cream as the theme for the party!

and hence my search for all-things-ice-cream for the party!

both car and ice cream are the current love of his life...
i am sure he would go crazy if the theme was CAR.
but i am also sure that i might very well just call off the party!
i couldn't imagine having bold bright colours...  i am a pastel and natural colors person....
so, while i could still decide things for little bb,
i decided to go for what both of us would like.... ice cream in pastel color theme!
for i know it won't be long when little bb will be old enough to say no to me!

i used this ice cream truck to hold cups of marshmallow in pastel colours
and placed one of each on the food and party favor tables.

same as last year's birthday party,
i made full use of my glass jar collection!
decorated each with grosgrain ribbon in different shades of baby blue.
some with hand written tags to tell the items they are holding.
some were used to hold utensils,
some were used to hold marshmallow on sticks,
some were used to hold savoury cheese sticks.....

for our little guests,
i have prepared these wooden utensils...
they are less pointy and sharp,
so they would be safer as the little guests might be running around with them.

to make them less dull,
i used masking tape in different patterns and shares of baby blue to decorate each of them.

and of course the birthday party hat!
i had lots of fun making these not long ago...
i quite liked the idea of using streamers to make the ruffles along the hat as well as the hat topper,
so i used the remaining streamers for this one.

to go with the party theme,
i made a glittery ice cream with number 2 placed at the center of the hat.
i first cut out the scoop of ice cream, the cone and number 2 separately.
for the ice cream scoop and number 2,
i sprinkled lots of german glitter glass over glue spread over the cut outs,
shaked off the excess glitter and assembled them when thoroughly dry.

i like how the glitter looks on the ice cream alot
but just like last year's party,
little bb ended up not wearing the hat....
last year, he was too sleepy to hold up his head to wear the hat....
this year, he was too excited to stand still to wear the hat....
that's alright, mama will keep them and ask you again to wear them when you are 20+, 30+,
40+, and so on and so forth.... *smile*