Tuesday, October 16, 2012

our little man

almost 2 years,
i am still obsessed with these little feet and little toes.

i love kissing them,
i love munching them,
i love smelling them,
and i need to rub them gently before i go to bed every night.

little bb is no longer a "baby"...
in the recent months,
he is learning, picking up new things quick
he is becoming more and more independent
he likes to say his name and tap his chest, 
to indicate to us that he can do things himself, without our help...
he is now more expressive than ever
he talks quite a lot but we don't quite get all that he is saying...
sometimes, he talks like an alien.... like "a be boo boo"?????!!!
he knows what he wants and he wants them right away
at the same time,
he is becoming more and more cheeky.

it's like,
we say right, and he go left
we say up, and he go down
we say yes, and he say no

a true "terrible two"

somotu and i have been reading quite a lot about how to handle a "terrible two"
hopefully we can deal with this stage with grace *smile*

these days,
he also likes to sing and dance.
after dinner, he will say "miu sic" while pointing at the CD player.
as soon as the first song is playing,
he will start dancing,
repeating the last word to each phrase of the songs....

at bed time,
as i sing twinkle twinkle little star to him,
he repeats the last word or sometimes sing the entire phrase....

i look at this little person,
and am always amazed with how much he has grown.....

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