Sunday, October 14, 2012

birthday party hats

little bb has been going to school for two months now...
apart getting used to being away from us,
from learning new words, new songs, how to wash his hands properly, etc
he has also made some new friends!

today, 6 families got together to throw a little birthday party 
for the 6 boys and girls who had turned / will be turning (that's little bb) 2
in the past couple of months / this month.

each mommy has a different task for the preparation of the party.
for me,
i signed myself up to prepare the finger food for the kids
to make the birthday hats!
(actually the task was to buy hats...  but of course,
my itchy hands found their way to a pair of scissors, craft paper, ribbons, etc)

i didn't really have much time these days
and this is what i could manage to make in the end...

for the girls

and for the boys

the topper for the hats was the part that i spent the most time
coming up with.
have thought of using pom pons, ribbons....
but i had done that for little bb last year
and wanted to do something different this year...

was very glad that i caught sight of rolls of ruffled paper!
after playing around with the roll a couple of nights,
i decided to do this...
first, i folded the paper strip into half,
then, i cut through the folded paper, each cut around 0.5cm apart.
when cutting, i cut from the folded side,
and stopped cutting when i am about 0.4cm from the side that is open.
i then added glue to the top of the party hat and started going round
the top with the strip.....
the end product is a flower / pom pom lookalike topper
which i like very much *smile*

as for the number "2",
i used one of my favourite material...
german glittered glass.
champagne pink for the girls
and aqua blue for the boys

stapled ribbons with polka dots to each side of the hat for tying round the little heads.
last year, i used elastic band for little bb and our little guests' hats.
but it was a bit uncomfortable and a bit too tight...
so i used ribbons instead this round....

to hide the staples on the side of the hats,
i used the ruffled paper again.
folded the ruffled paper into half,
gathered it into ruffles and used glue to fix it around the hat.

happy birthday to all the lovely kids!

and little bb,
in just a couple weeks time,
you will also be 2!!!!


Ms. bunny said...

those hats are really pretty and cute! so sweet <3

aileen ♥ motu said...

thanks =)