Thursday, September 20, 2012

tram ride

"remember the tram?  ding ding ding?
you want to ride again?"


"cham  cham cham"

ok!  tram, here we came!
a few sundays ago,
we took the mtr to wanchai
then got on a tram heading towards central.....

this round, with somotu around,
we went to the upper deck of the tram and lucky us!
we got the front seats!

little bb went through wanchai, admiralty, then central
while sitting on dadi's nap.

he was very very excited whenever another tram came in the opposite direction...
we waved at the people in the other trams, and said "HA LO"...

got off at central
walked around a bit

then took the star ferry back home....
as the sun was getting ready to go off duty

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