Wednesday, September 19, 2012

the XX squirrel

we love squirrel!

i drew the squirrel on the polka dot felt with reference to the bookstand in little bb's room.
threw in a few balloons
and did some stitches....

i don't know about little bb
but i am loving this bib!


the wait is over!!!
on the way to lunch today,
i spotted the too-difficult-to-miss-big-X on the rack of the music store....
immediately grabbed a copy
am now enjoying it!


this is my 3rd week with the new firm
my day is going by faster by day
before i knew it, it's almost the end of the day every day!
my working hours are getting longer by day
my time spent with little bb got cut shorter and shorter
some days,
i hardly have time to get and eat lunch....
most days,
back to back meetings....

when i look at the mirror
i see nothing but eye bags and dark circles re-appearing....


amy said...

very cute bib.

definitely understand how you feel about the long work hours. there're some extra holidays coming in oct. let's look forward to that!

add oil together! :)

aileen ♥ motu said...

yes yes amy! let's add oil together .... holidays, we are coming!!!!!