Saturday, September 15, 2012


went to a place we haven't been to before,
didn't have much expectation
but it turned out to be quite fun (for little bb)...

it's the lake egret nature park....

we got there quite early so the place wasn't crowded yet
quite a tranquil environment

we wanted to row these cute little boats with little bb
but he didn't meet the minimum height requirement
and so little bb was told by one of the staff,
"you eat more so that you will grow taller faster"

and there is a little white house in the middle of the lake....
read on a sign that it offers "romantic dinner just for two"
seems like could really be romantic...
imagine, just the two
in the middle of a lake 
with lights sparsely lit along the lake...

and the highlight of our little trip
meeting and feeding the goats!
big ones
small ones
petite ones

little bb did quite well in the first round of feeding
he fed the goats and giggled

we don't know what happened,
but he suddenly became scared the second round of feeding
he just wanted to watch mami feed the goats....

at least,
he now knows what kind of sound goats make!

this is the sound he keeps making for the rest of the day.

bye bye goats
see you next time!

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